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If you are mindful about your car, every trip, winter, rain, puddle, and scorching hot day concerns you. It feels really good to get behind the wheel, but every turn in the road poses another potential hazard for your autos exterior. Road salt, construction, debris, gravel and more are all hazards for your vehicle and are the focus of Colbert's Car Care's exterior detailing solutions.

Colbert's is much more than a car wash. Our exterior detailing solutions provide your car, truck, or SUV a quality, hands on detailed cleaning experience from front, top, and back and including the bottom. We will remove all of the dirt, residue and scratches the road hazards created, renewing your car or truck’s finish, This will help to maintain its appearance for years to come. Our services will take years off of your vehicle’s appearance with your first visit.

Our interior detailing work not only restores the clean shine and beauty of your vehicle's surfaces, it will re-spark that original connection you experienced with your vehicle when you first purchased it and will restore your overall driving experience.

Auto Detailing - Professional Polishing & Waxing - Thorndale PA

When it comes to custom auto detailing, Colbert's Car Care knows that you want a final, beautiful shine when you pick your car up from our shop. Keeping your car clean and detailed is the best way to keep it in the best possible condition at all times. Having a professional like Colbert's polish and wax your car helps to avoid mistakes that amateurs can make that could harm your car’s paints or leave scratches.

Contact Colbert's Car Care for the best polish and waxing service that will keep your car's exterior looking new for years to come. It is especially important to have this service performed at the beginning of each season of the year. As each season in Pennsylvania exposes your car to different types of harmful elements and conditions that can dull or damage your cars exterior paint and surface

Auto Detailing - Interior & Carpet Cleaning - Thorndale PA

Dirty shoes. equipment. and family gear. Your car, truck or SUV are exposed when it comes to dirt and grime from traveling, family, work, and outdoor activities. Keeping them clean often is next to impossible.

Colbert's car care cleans more than car carpet. In fact, we can clean, boats and RVs, as well as car, truck and SUV carpet cleaning and car interior detailing, our trained technicians use state-of-the-art cleaning products and tools.

We identify the problem areas, like spots and ground-in dirt and use methods to successfully extract the dirt and debris. You get optimal results without the abrasive brushing of other cleaning methods. And, we even get rid of those pesky problems, like ground-in dirt, stains,or sand from the beach. You may have tried to shampoo the interior of your vehicles, or perhaps you at least surface cleaned where you could with little results. Only the best professional cleaning methods are effective at removing the unwanted mess. At Colbert's Car Care in Thorndale PA. We use those methods and we get results.


Auto, truck, SUV, Home, Office Window Tinting - Thorndale, PA

Keep your car, house, office, or store cool with the help of window tint, which also reduces interior fading by blocking UV rays. We do everything from automotive installations to store and house windows, equipped with a with lifetime warranty.

Auto Detailing - Interior, Exterior - Downingtown

Auto Detailing Interior Exterior Thorndale PA

Come in and get a complete auto detailing service for only $179.95. We do everything from polishing and waxing, to interior and exterior cleaning and carpet shampooing.

Colbert's has services that vary from a standard car wash to a full detailing service with exterior paint protection, wheel polishing and more. We also offer a variety of additional detailing services that can be added on to your service. such as fallout removal,  tough odor removal, leather protection and much more!

Colbert's will make your aging vehicle look, feel, and smell brand new. We can protect your off the showroom car or truck too!  Don't take your automobile to a car wash where they use harsh detergents, reclaimed water with possible grit or contaminants. You deserve better. You deserve Colbert's Car Care conveniently located in Thorndale PA.

Truck & Car Accessories

Choose from car and truck accessories for all makes and models, and enjoy free installation. We offer a variety of products, including:

Bed liners
Step bars
Running boards
Rain guards
Bug deflectors
Brush guards
Mud flaps
Weather tech floor mats
Tonneau covers